MC5X Nitro Engine

10000008OD: MC5X
108OD2133: MC5X + EFRA 2133
108OD2099: MC5X + EFRA 2099

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The new MC5X from RC Concept is a very high-end 5 ports engine. Extremely powerful, it has been developed by RC Concept based on the successful MC5R which has dominated the 2016 french Nationals with Reno Savoya.

RC Concept has developed the MC5X in compliance with the standards of quality, innovation, performance and reliability that have made its reputation.

This engine is used by our Worldwide Team.

The MC5X features our new DLC Coated crankshaft (Diamond-like Carbon) and our new carburetor with double bottom-end adjustment.

DLC Crankshaft – Diamond-Like Coated

The DLC treatment applied to the crankshafts of the X-LINE RC Concept is 4 times harder than a conventional treatment. It allows to multiply by 3 the crankshaft lifetime and to multiply by 2 the lifetime of the connecting rod.
In addition, idling returns are improved and top speed also.

Carburetor X-LINE RC Concept

The X-LINE carburetor has been developed to improve power, precision settings and return to idling. It has a double bottom-end adjustement.

5 ports Sleeve

The MC5X’s sleeve has 5 transfers optimized for incredible power while limiting fuel consumption.




Lighter crankshaft DLC coated, weighted and filled with silicon
Updated Cooling Head
High Quality Rear Ceramic Bearing
2017 X-Line carburetor
Designed and Assembled in France
7 and 8mm reducer
RC Concept RC3 Plug



Recommended exhaust system: RC Concept 2133 or 2099

Recommended Glow Plug: RC Concept RC3 or RC4

Recommended Fuel: THOR FUEL