Tested and approved by our drivers, all our products got a high quality machining, build and performances.



Our Team will offer you and your customer a perfect service and an awesome aftermarket service. We are sure of our products quality.



Always working ahead our competitors, we are always looking for new technologies in order to answer your needs.



A passionate Team in RC for many years is working at RC Concept.

RC Concept is designing and produce innovative systems, reliable and efficient.


Our Products

A full range of 1/8 Nitro engines made in France (Designed and assemble in France, machined in Italy) for 1/8 Nitro.

A complete range of batteries, motors and ESC for 1/10 and 1/8 electric cars.

A large range of accessories for 1/10 and 1/8: silicon oils, pinions, cables, tools, …


RC for everyone

RC Concept also has a long-term mission: help disable people to get access to RC. Indeed, disable peoples got a lot of issues to do their passion of RC: no podium access, no specific radio …
RC Concept would like a develop:

An elevator to make all driver stand accessible

A specific radio

SébastienChaffardon – RC Concept’s owner and Manager

Since the age of 4, Sébastien is in the RC world. With more than 30 years of experience at national and international level, Sebastien is now using all his knowledge to create innovative products.